Laughter Against Writer’s Block

As a content writer for an internet marketing company, there are times when I find myself stumbling on a writer’s block. Well, I can’t help it – I am just human. I may be able to write about anything but that doesn’t mean I am genius. Time and time again, I suffer from writer’s block. I would find myself wondering what to write as I fixed my gaze on my laptop. I would scratch my head and rearrange my chair again and again until I am able to find the right words to use. Although, there are many ways to overcome this momentary slump, I find most of them not that effective as they promised. Over time, I found a way that is very effective to me and that is to have a good laugh. Yes. Laugh! Laughing refreshes or resets my mind. A good joke from my friend or a funny video on YouTube makes my brain running again after a few minutes. Indeed, laughter is the best medicine and in my case – medicine to a writer’s block.







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