Obesity Is Not Always Caused By Fast Food

For the past decades, the prevalence of obesity in the country rose sharply. At the same time, the number of fast food restaurants over the country rose as well. Because of this, many people are thinking, perhaps there’s a direct relation between obesity and fast food restaurants. And somehow, many experts would agree with this because fast food restaurants offer greasy, fattening, salty and sweet dishes that easily contribute to obesity.

However, I don’t think fast food is the real culprit behind obesity. I say so because I eat a lot of fast food but I am still not obese. Furthermore, I also know a few guys who are the same as me. The real reason why some people are suffering from obesity is because they themselves lack the discipline to take care of their body. They don’t know the importance of working out and controlling what you eat. Most likely, they are not active and they are on a “see food diet”. By the way, “see food diet” means “I see food I eat it.” Basically, this is the main reason why a lot of people are obese.

Moreover, not all fast food restaurants sell greasy, fattening, salty and sweet dishes. Some offer fresh and healthy options. Other restaurants would even offer non-fat, low-salt, and low or no-sugar dishes to cater to those who are health conscious. Most of all, some of these restaurants show the nutrition facts of their dishes to help people watch the amount of calories they are taking in.

So, I believe there is not enough reason to blame the rising obesity in the country to fast food restaurants. It is so wrong in many levels because fast food restaurants in Chicago are helping busy people satisfy their hunger without the need to prepare. Moreover, fast food restaurants help the economy and would help in giving jobs to many Americans.

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