Termites are Impressive

Did you know that even though termites are considered pests they are still interesting creatures? I have gathered a few facts about these bugs and I can’t help but be fascinated with them.

A termite queen can live up to 50 years provided they live in ideal conditions. For a small bug living for 50 years is very impressive. Most bugs can live for weeks, months or a couple of years only. Even the regular worker termites can live for several years. Butterflies, cicadas and beetles would surely envy the lifespan of termites.

There are some species of termites whose queens can lay up to 40,000 eggs in a single day. Now if we use the numbers that would be 280,000 in a week; 1,240,000 in a month and 14,600,000 in a year. So it is understandable why termites can easily level down a small house in just a few months.

Some termites can build a mud nest that can reach 40 feet high. That is already equivalent to a 3 story building. Termites always build an elaborate nests and it contains specific chambers such as nursery, garden and queen’s chamber. Termite nests even has a built in temperature control with the ventilation tubes they have. In other words, termites are master architects.

Termites are also smart creatures. They may not have our notion of time but termites can tell seasonal changes. Aside from being social insects they are also symbiotic insects. In order to digest dry plant matter or lignocellulose like wood termites house several types of bacteria and particular protozoa in their gut.

So before you call Newport Beach termite control, why don’t you spend a few seconds or minutes to be impressed with these bugs?

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