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Did you know that there’s a Chinese who attempted suicide just because his bride is too ugly for him?

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The groom who attempted suicide because bride is too ugly.

The groom who attempted suicide because bride is too ugly.

I don’t know whether I should pity the groom or pity the bride because of what happened. You see, we can’t deny the fact that men would prefer if their bride would be beautiful. Screw those people who would always beauty doesn’t matter because in reality that doesn’t happen at all! For men, it really helps if women are beautiful. Which is why, I feel a little bit of pity to the groom who was forced to marry a woman who was not of his taste.

I also feel some pity to the bride because the wedding day is the most important day for a woman. It only happens once in their life, not unless you get a divorce or annulment and remarry again and repeat the same cycle all over again. Well, it is just sad that the bride was forced to marry a guy who runs away during the wedding day. This would be a huge blow of humiliation to the bride because it happened before a large number of guests.

Well, who should be blamed? It is their culture as well as their parents! Forcing two individuals to spend the rest of their life together in a form of marriage without them knowing who the other person would be is wrong. Marriage doesn’t work like that. Before a man and woman could be married, they have to know each other first and there should be love between them so that marriage would work.

Unfortunately, many Chinese families still practice arrange marriages. And it would take a long, long time before they would end this practice and accept the fact that marriage always starts with love.

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