Establishing Customer Loyalty During Christmas

To every business the most valuable asset is their customers. New or old, customers bring money and add value to the brand. This is why this Christmas season, it would be a good idea to treat customers and make them feel special, thus establishing customer loyalty. This is what businesses should do.

But how?

Providing discounts?


Providing discounts is a good idea but it will never establish customer loyalty. What it can only do is boost sales during Christmas season.

What would be a great idea is to implement a loyalty system, which would rewards customers for every accumulated purchase.  Or a point system, where customers can gather points and exchange them for certain prizes. With such systems in place, the customers would be forced to come back in order to acquire the rewards they want.

One important principle of running a business is to please customers and nothing can please them more than a gift. And since Christmas is the season for gift giving, businesses will have the perfect opportunity to give their customers a pleasant surprise. Giving gift vouchers and personalized gifts and greeting cards will show how business values their customers.

Honestly speaking, businesses don’t have to wait for Christmas season in order to establishing customer loyalty. They can do so anytime of the year by making the shopping experience personal and friendly. Customers would feel like they are dealing with people who value them and not their money.

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